1-source-nowGoGreenWithEverything.Com wishes to begin a trip into the beauty of Nature and support the vital cause of saving the Earth. This site is specifically created with the expectation of how green thinking can change the world. It has not been unnoticed that the majestic uniqueness and gleen of Mother Nature has diminished from her original state. Though her history is replete with ecological and conservation overtures, men, nevertheless, continue to fail to appreciate and revere the natural world. Nature is valued less today than what it should rightfully be. We must sound a wakeup call, and we must sound it resoundingly. Our love for nature and a green world must not be left an empty, inactive campaign.

To the precise extent that we love nature and the environment less, we, in turn, become much less than what we can be. We fail to return to a sacred and child-like spontaneity to life. We’ve become ignorant fools, in a sense, who waste away a more-than-adequate banquet placed before us. The “going green with everything” movement, as we label ourselves, is a self-realization that the only claim we have from the top to bottom is a responsibility to one another and Earth’s immediate environment. Not enough of us have accepted the notion that we need to reseek the continual wonder of a green world . As a kind of throwback to our childhood, we must not forget how we deeply cherished the times we swung carefree from bough to bough of a beloved tree or ran in the green grass. While threats loom for forsaking such a virgin way of perceiving and appreciating, the fight to retain it is not worth surrendering–not even for an inch.

greenAnd so, this green blog introduces you to everything that is important to the verdant world and how to sustain it. We eagerly discuss a variety of green topics related to your health and well-being, as well as how to keep our Earth green and vibrant. Please visit us often to discover something fresh–and we hope valuable to you, our guest–about green living!