Air Purifier for the Home

As we go from day to day, we are most concerned, it seems, about what we choose to eat and drink, and rightfully so! However, less than every minute we are breathing air into our body. Should we not be most concerned with the quality of that air?

It is estimated (by the Environmental Protection Agency) that there are two to five times more pollutants inside the home than out. That seems very startling at first until you think about the fumes emitting from carpeting, furniture, even the paint on the wall and the television set itself. Most home dwellers are not aware on these contaminants, but well they should be.  Let’s add the dust that naturally collects in the home and the added dust mites that go with it. And of course if you have a pet in the house, well…  I think you start to get the picture, and why choosing a quality air purifier for the home is of paramount importance to you and your family’s health.

When looking for the best air purifier for your home, consider one with a high Minimum Efficiency Value (MERV) rating or how your purifier  captures micron-size particles.  For example, a purifier with a MERV rating of 17 to 20 will equalize the efficiency of the HEPA (high efficiency particle air) filters that most hospitals employ.  HEPA filters reign supreme over most other models, such as cleaners that use electricity to trap particles, but also emit ozone which is a down size.

As stated, this is an issue to take seriously. Research carefully and you will discover that AllerAir is and has been always at the top of best models. It is one this writer recommends for optimal health.  Whatever you decide upon, your family needs clean air and this is something not to be ignored.

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